RTI International Whitepaper

Webinar: Understanding Post-COVID Consumer Behavior With Foresighting


Join us June 10, 12-1 pm Eastern.

COVID has created an environment where the next six months are as uncertain as the next six years. As consumer products companies attempt to navigate this new normal, innovation teams need a new approach to anticipate, understand, and respond to future consumer behavior.

Strategic foresighting tools are useful when uncertainty is high and prediction is impossible. As innovation teams prepare for a post-COVID world, by incorporating strategic foresighting methods into their innovation and strategic planning cycles, they can identify emerging opportunities and threats. 

In our webinar, we'll introduce participants to the power of strategic foresighting. We'll highlight foresighting's application to consumer insights research and innovation planning, and discuss early signals into drivers of change that are shaping consumer behavior in a post-COVID world.

Key Takeaways

Participants will understand how they can use foresighting to 

  • move beyond traditional strategic planning methods,
  • prepare for increasingly complex futures, and 
  • uncover growth opportunities or define technology investments to outperform the competition.

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