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Assess your organization's digital alignment.

Our online Digital Alignment Survey will help you comprehensively understand how aligned your digital transformation activities are across your organization.

A complete digital transformation often requires organization-level changes to strategy, operating procedures, capabilities, culture, and infrastructure. The Digital Alignment Survey (DAS) measures your organization’s progress across key organizational aspects to give you a comprehensive sense of digital maturity as well as alignment across functions and levels.

The DAS uses six key lenses - strategy, structures, resources, culture, technology and data, and opportunities and offerings - to describe your organization's digital strengths and gaps. When teams across different levels or functions within your organization take the DAS, areas of alignment and discord become clear - helping you take the next step in your digital transformation journey.

Completing the 28 questions on the DAS takes roughly 10 minutes. Ideally, it should be taken by individuals who have knowledge of their organization's approach to strategy, operating procedures, capabilities, culture, infrastructure and opportunities that have or are being considered. Once completed, you'll receive a summary of your organization's scoring across the six lenses and initial steps you might take as a result. Our analysts will also follow up with a curated list of resource recommendations to improve your digital transformation management.

For more in-depth information about your results, or advice on how to get started on the path towards successful digital transformation, get in touch.