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Anticipate and Understand Consumer Behavior With Foresighting

Does your innovation team need a new approach to navigate uncertainty and anticipate, understand, and respond to future consumer behavior? 

We help clients use foresighting to 

  • move beyond traditional strategic planning methods,
  • prepare for increasingly complex futures, and 
  • uncover growth opportunities or define technology investments to outperform the competition.

Learn more about the power of strategic foresighting through our on-demand webinar.  We highlight foresighting's application to consumer insights research and innovation planning and discuss early signals into drivers of change that are shaping consumer behavior in the current environment.

Our Foresighting On-Demand Webinar

Using Strategic Foresighting to Better Understand Emerging Consumer Needs 


Our Foresighting Success Stories 

Using Foresighting for Long Term Strategic Planning 

Strategic Foresighting and the Future of Intelligent Systems


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If you'd like to speak with us about strategic foresighting and your innovation challenges, contact Jeff Cope.